Devil Be Gone

by Devil Be Gone

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released December 8, 2010

Devil Be Gone is Rob Hampton, Joe DeStefano, Chad Hanson, and Liam Singer
Written by Rob Hampton and Devil Be Gone
Recorded in Brooklyn and Mixed at Jake Rock Studios by Jason Loewenstein
Mastered by Joe Lambert at JLM Sound in Brooklyn
Richard Ruiz played bass on all tracks
All Rights Reserved 2010 Say Hello to America (ASCAP)
Cover Painting by Andy Smenos



all rights reserved


Devil Be Gone New York

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Track Name: Don't Be Afraid
In the dark all alone running fast to get home
turn around and no ones there
ask yourself why are you scared

from the dark come silent hands
reaching out to hold you down
close your eyes it will be all right
let them take you into the night

Don't be afraid
Track Name: Tight Rope
Do you see those lights above and how they move back and forth?
I think they are following me, I think they are coming for me
Do you hear those voices whisper, using words I"ve never heard before?
I am scared of what they say, I am scared they are coming for me.
Track Name: Money Song
Hey I got your money.
Put your guns down and walk away.
No one has to die tonight.
Track Name: Never Die Again
Am I last in line for heaven, or first in line for hell?
with the way things are going I just can not tell.
Take a moment of silence for those already there, and pray the line moves quickly and their patience does not fail.
They give you what you get for what you can afford and hope you don't notice as they throw you out the door. Then it's only you and millions of others.
Now you can just sit and wait for all your friends, it won't take long because where we are time does not exist
I hope I never die again.
Track Name: Here Before
Oh we've been here before. These walls look so familiar, but now the tables have turned.
All the eyes we have closed now walk through the door.
All the things we have done are now done to us.
We've been here before, now we get what we deserve.
Track Name: Dark Night
Oh dark night, guide me home
so I can spread out my bones
across the floor to see what the future holds
tell me what I want to hear
Oh sharp knife, show me your love
cut my skin and spill my blood
across the floor to see what the future holds
tell me what I want to hear
Track Name: Plants
They wait outside of town, they wait so patiently
for the city to fail, for the people to leave
they ride in on the backs of the breeze
fall amongst the rubble on the streets
they spread all across the land erasing all the signs of man
soon you'll never know a city had stood here.
Track Name: Ender
Go inside and wait for me. Lock the doors and close the shades. Cover your eyes and hide your face.
The day has come. It's finally happening.
Go inside and pray for me and when I'm gone burn this body.